Video and Updates

So I’m slowly putting content and music on my website in-between schoolwork and my business responsibilities, and I hope you will visit often to see new updates!

On the music front, I’m working to get some rough recordings online of many of the songs I’ve written. Hopefully that will lead to more professional recordings and collaborations with other musicians later on.

Currently I’m also working on a video for my song “Midnight Scientist”. I’ve been collaborating with an astrophysicist in the UK for video content. It has taken quite a lot longer than I originally hoped, but my plan is to have it up in the next couple of months.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in my music and songwriting, and for those of you (especially my husband) who have come to my few live performances. As I get into the groove of things with school, I hope to do more performing for small events and open mics. Tomorrow I’m excited to play at the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas for their monthly gathering!